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“Drew was so incredibly helpful and professional. He did everything he said he would. We are so grateful he removed the stress of dealing with out student loans. 100% worth it!!!!”

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“Words cannot express how satisfied I am with the service FROM American Student Loan Aid has provided for me. They are courteous, professional and most of all very informative. I especially appreciate the promptness in the reply to emails.”

  • Student Loans in Default?

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Can a Student Loan Garnishment be Stopped?

Yes! When you have been in default for long enough the department of education will eventually garnish your wages and take your tax refund. The good news is there are options to get your garnishment stopped depending on your circumstances. Please complete the form on this page to find out your options.

Can a Student Loan be Discharged or Forgiven?

Yes! There are many different types of student loan discharge that are available depending on your circumstances. There is no such thing as forgiveness by paying a company and expecting them to make your student loans disappear. There are programs that the government has provided that can be used to get your loans discharged if you qualify. Please complete the form on this page to find out your options.

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“My student loan company was unrelenting in garnishing my paycheck. I can’t thank American Student Loan Aid for helping me stop the garnishment. I would definitely give them a 5 star review.”

Michael W., Informative - Prompt - Professional

“I was amazed at the amount of attention given to my student loan! I was successful with the hard work of everyone at American student loan aid, and my student loan rehabilitation agreement is unbelievable! Thank you American Student Loan!”

Jodie F., Super Low Payment

“If you want Top Notch service don’t hesitate to contact American Student Loan Aid. American student loan aid is outstanding! In less than a month my income garnishment was stopped. I am on an affordable payment plan and my student loan accounts are in good standing. The communication provided is excellent, I had constant updates regarding my account status. The correspondence was always professional,timely and very informative. This business is one of a kind, highly trustworthy and provides exceptional customer service they do deliver exactly what they say they will. I highly recommend them to anyone with student loan debit. Choosing American Student Loan Aid is the best financial decision I have ever made they are !!Amazing!!”

R. Payne, Highly Trustworthy

“After several years of deferring my student loan – it ended up in default! The agency calling me made me statements they were going to garnish my wages which would have resulted in my home going into foreclosure. This agency was bullying me. I never denied ownership of the loan – I know I owe the money; however, due to circumstances beyond my control I had to put my bills in order of priority. After about 10 days of no sleep – unable to negotiate a payment with the company and being distracted at work I hit Google! Several companies came up and for some reason I clicked on American Student Loan!! I sent my email and waited. Within minutes I was called and left a message – I was afraid to answer. I called back the next day and felt 100% better!! Within 20 minutes they assured they could help me – and they did!!! My repayment amount – at this time – is actually LESS than what I wanted to pay at the beginning!!! They walked me through the whole process. They did pretty much everything and kept me fully informed!!! If I had to call them or email the response was almost instantly!!! I don’t regret hiring them for one minute!!! Payment of their fee can be done with the selection on different options. Although I don’t recommend defaulting – I do recommend American Student Loan Aid!!!”

Kelley S., Highly Recommended!!

“American Student Loan Aid did an amazing job assisting me with my student loans. When I came to ASLA my loans were currently in default and had been for months. My credit was terrible and I had no idea what to do to get out of default. ASLA was able to take things over make things very easy for me and assist me in getting out of default. I now have a reasonable payment and my credit is starting to come back. I’m so grateful that ASLA was able to help me get out of default with my student loans. ASLA was also very professional and always quick to respond and answer any questions I had.”

Mario B., Amazing Job!